Extra media

I’ve updated the Media page and have categorized the pieces so that you can more easily skip over the styles you don’t like. Also, on the Events page I’ve added links to as many videos as I could find of previous performances, so rest assured that you have ample opportunity to waste time on my website. For good reasons, I was not able to find videos of upcoming performances.

“Always leave ’em wanting more”

Although for the past few years I’ve stuck to the above mantra w/r/t my website, I’m now moving towards a more Warholian approach. So far:

  • I’ve added a discography page, so those of you who are Red Wierenga completists (which is another way of saying “my parents”) can now easily peruse a list of every released recording that I remember playing on;
  • I’ve updated the events page and have posted links to videos of many of my past performances;
  • and I’ve updated the “about” page, which is now replete with a third-person account of myself, long and short first-person biographies of Red Wierenga, and a curriculum vitæ.

Among other things, I am currently:

  • adding new audio and video content to the media page
  • and documenting several of the projects I’ve been working on for the past several years, including building an analog modular synthesizer, developing electronic preparations for the piano, and building other hardware and software instruments.

Several more blog posts are forthcoming.